What is Council Tax?

Council Tax is a contribution that you must make to help pay for local services.

There is one bill for each home, whether it is owned or rented. Part of the Council Tax goes directly to the Greater London Authority which helps pay for the police and fire authorities. The bill is based on the capital value as determined on 1 April 1991 by the Inland Revenue’s agency, The Valuation Office.

The amount of Council Tax that you must pay is based on this valuation and any discounts or exemptions that you may be entitled to.

For any more information please visit. https://ask.barnet.gov.uk/citizen/council-tax-and-benefits

Customers may however contact the Council Tax Department (local.taxation@barnet.gov.uk or 020 8358 2608) to obtain their account number into which payments of any amount could be made whilst awaiting the banding of their property. These payments would be held as credits and used to off-set actual payments due for Council Tax when their property is finally banded.